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Sthree for solar panels in Gulu


Sthree has been supporting our corporate charity partner SOS Children's Villages for many years now and the opportunity came up to assist a cornerstone SOS orphanage in Gulu Uganda. It was a fantastic opportunity for all involved as it incorporated a great cause, helping a long standing partner and becoming more deeply involved in our passion for energy. Gulu needed solar panels and we set ourselves the mission to make it happen!


SOS Children’s Villages in Gulu is responsible for the wellbeing of 100 children who are orphaned or unable to grow up with their biological families. The Children’s Village supports over 5.000 children in their community programmes, their primary school & medical centre. It’s work forms an important pillar for supporting vulnerable children in the wide community.

A big challenge for SOS children’s Villages is the fact that they are operating in a region where the energy grid is very unstable. This means they have to rely on a back-up generator that only provides the administration block from energy when there is a power cut. The family houses are without energy on a weekly and sometimes even daily basis. This is a major obstacle for running the household and for instance for making homework in the night time.


With the help of Sthree we can make the SOS Children’s Village in Gulu independent from the local energy grid, by providing them with an off-grid solar system. Our fundraiser will help us to provide all 12 family houses in Gulu with Solar panels


This intervention saves the SOS Children’s Village in energy costs on an annual basis. This budget can be relocated in support for the children eg in providing extra educational support for children who are struggling in school.

Investment per family house 1kWP , power need 2642 Wh/day with energy efficient loads

  •          Solar panels + Batteries
  •          Solar & Energy efficient household appliances
  •          Installation materials    
  •          Add ons
  •          Installation (transportation, installation, warranties)

In addition: the intervention is also very kind for our planet J