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In 2018 we reach the milestone of a partnership of 10 years and aim to have raised 1 million GBP by then. Due to our partnership we have been able to make a difference in the lives of many vulnerable children. The biggest part of our fundraising activities have been done for an SOS Children’s village in Chipata, Zambia.

The dedication for this village will always remain, but SThree in cooperation is always looking into projects worldwide that really have an urge for help.

This year we as SThree would really want to help SOS Children’s villages to continue their respectable work in Syria. Because destruction in Syria continues. Many children lost their families, families needed to leave their houses looking for a bit of safety. SOS colleagues are doing all they can for the children and families over there with risk for their own lives. Their program provides people with food, water, medicines and hygiene packages. On top of that SOS offers education in specially initiated classes. In these places children can play, watch movies, practice sports. Without their and our help the chances for children to grow up safely or even survive will decrease significantly.

fundraisers started
  • 1,50 was donated on on Wednesday 28 December 2016
  • Rodriquez Houben donated 1,00
  • Koen van Dijk donated 40,00
  • Rosalie van Lohuizen donated 20,00
  • Elke Schouten donated 20,00
  • Julie Cusdin donated 20,00
  • Kate Markova donated 10,00
  • Jayantie Seosahai donated 10,00
  • Manou Wieggers donated 10,00
  • Sonja Kuipers donated 10,00