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In the CSR activities of CF there have been two pillars that get special focus. The first one is diversity (women in IT) and the other one is IT education. The vision of Computer Futures is that everyone has the right for IT access and education. This will contribute to decrease the gap between the Western world and emerging countries and will speed up this process.

For that reason the opportunity to contribute to SOS’ project to provide IT education to around 800 vulnerable children was a no brainer.

When children at a young age learn how to use a computer. It will give them many more chances at the labour market. Besides that access to internet gives the opportunity to gain knowledge, learn how to read and many other skills.

Special targets of this project are:

  1. Teaching 42 teachers in the area of using ICT in education / programs
  2. 813 children will be making use of this adjusted education program where ICT plays a key role (Internet, learn how to rea, digital media, work with Word and Excel)
  3. 60 SOS mothers and SOS aunts learn how to make use of Office and Internet, learn how to e-mail
  4. Improvement of the board of the schools to stimulate the use of ICT in educational programs, this being in line with the requirements on ICT education set by the Ministry of Education.
fundraisers started
  • Sthree Holding donated 2.600,00
  • Ellen Croes donated 10,00
  • Kim de Gruijter donated 10,00
  • Kate Markova donated 10,00
  • Kate Markova donated 10,00
  • Jonne den Ouden donated 10,00
  • Geoffrey Doomernik donated 40,00
  • Vanity Wilson donated 7,50
  • Vanity Wilson donated 2,50
  • Yannick Kok donated 10,00